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3 Mat Pilates Exercises We Love

Pilates Push-up
  • This combination exercise works your abs, shoulders, chest and core while stretching low back, hamstrings and calves. It is a great warm up and cool down move to add to your workouts.
  • start standing at the back of your mat, roll down and inch worm into a plank stacking your shoulders over wrists
  • take a push up, either from your toes or knees
  • inch worm back into standing

Swan Dive Prep
  • We all need a little posture restoration. This exercise improves spinal extension and improves posture by strengthening the muscles of the spine and core. Perfect to incorporate into stretching post workout.
  • lie on your stomach on your mat, feet a little wider than the mat
  • place hands under shoulders and slowly raise up

Obliques roll back with Pilates ring
  • Strong abs are essential to back health. This exercise works all layers of the abdominal musculature, transverse abdominus, obliques and rectus abdominus. Incorporate this move into your workout for stronger abs and a healthier back.
  • sit with heels on your mat
  • sit back, engaging your core and twist each direction