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4 Reasons for Summertime Acupuncture

Allergies  Runny noses, sneezing, and itchy eyes are not how you want to spend your summer days. Acupuncture stimulates the lymphatic system, providing relief for congested sinuses and decreasing the need for antihistamines!
Head aches and high blood pressure Between warmer temperatures and lack of proper hydration, blood vessels in the head can expand, putting pressure on nerve endings and causing headaches. Acupuncture helps to regulate blood pressure and can calm those nerves.
Pain relief – The urge to “over do it” and make the most of each day is stronger during the summer. Acupuncture promotes circulation. The increased blood flow allows faster healing for injuries and achy muscles.
Insomnia – Sleep can be unpredictable and disrupted during the summer. The days are longer, our calendars seem fuller. Acupuncture can bring balance back to the mind/body connection and open the energy flow to support healthy sleep patterns.
~ Julie Lynch, L.Ac