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Fairview’s 24-Week Healthy Lifestyle Plan

M Health Fairview’s new 24 Week Healthy Lifestyle Plan recognizes the importance of having on-going support every step of the way. Losing weight is a journey; it can take time to develop a sustainable plan with the appropriate tools and supports in place. You will be surrounded by a team of experts and have access to an exclusive cooking class series, and one-on-one lifestyle coaching that will help you create individualized goals and address challenges and barriers.


The program, launched in October 2018, is already seeing impressive results. To date, an average of 8.9% weight loss has been seen overall for participants after 6 months, and a lowering A1C from 6.3 to a 5.6 which positions these participants just out of the diabetic range. 


Bridget Slusarek, program director, says, “The 24 Week Healthy Lifestyle Plan has added value to the Comprehensive Weight Management Program. This plan has worked well for patients who have tried many approaches to weight loss, but have not found the help they have been looking for. Patients enrolled in the Healthy Lifestyle Plan have lost weight and improved their overall wellbeing. This plan allows patients to work with our team to create goals around the 4 pillars of health (sleep, movement, nutrition, and stress management) to promote weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle.”
Participants of the program have commented on the value of on-going support. One patient says, “We are always so hard on ourselves. So it is helpful to get feedback, to remind myself that I am better than I used to be. I am able to look more closely at my barriers, and set mini goals.”  Regular visits with a health coach allow participants to gain greater self-awareness and puts them in the driver’s seat; they are at the center of their health and the choices they make. Setting realistic goals that are personal and important is key to long-term success. The on-going support can help keep the ball rolling when motivation may dip. One patient comments, “It is the support that I have now that makes it easy. I knew what I was supposed to be doing and eating but I just wasn’t’ doing it. Internal accountability is hard for me, so having a health coach and a dietitian to check in with regularly has helped me stay accountable.”


Participants have the option of using Fresh Step Meal System meal replacements for ease and convenience, especially when just getting started. Participants are given a cookbook and attend a three part cooking series with Chef Jeremy and get assistance from the chef and the registered dietitians on creating healthy and nutritious food. Chef Jeremy Reinicke, Culinary Education Manager at Fairview Ways to Wellness says, “Cooking and consuming a variety of whole, fresh, nutrient dense foods is one way to attain our weight loss goals, but also to increase our overall health and wellbeing. During our three part Cooking Series, we focus on things like protein, healthy fats and smart carbohydrates, as well as cooking techniques, knife skills and strategies to build flavor without additional salt and fat. Everything we do in the kitchen is focused on making home cookery easier, quicker and safer.”  


Unlike many other weight loss programs, the 24 week Healthy Lifestyle Plan, can address a variety of medical conditions that may impact a person’s ability to lose weight, such as thyroid, hormonal levels, sleep issues, and prescription medication side effects. Addressing both medical challenges and looking at healthy lifestyle supports and tools gives participants the comprehensive care they need in their weight loss journey.
To learn more about the program, call 833-336-2727 or click here.
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