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Feeling EMPOWERed

Ways to Wellness has kicked off an amazing 12-week fitness challenge to encourage people to feel empowered in their health and fitness habits. The first challenge ended a few weeks ago and our team and the challengers were thrilled with the outcomes! Through fitness assessments, workouts, and team building, we were able to see some fantastic results both physically and mentally.
On average, challengers were able to improve their strength by lifting around 15 pounds more compared to when they started the challenge, their flexibility also increased by over 2 inches, and (parents, read the next line closely) their VO2 max increased by 4 points! What does that mean? It means that chasing your kids, pets, friends, and/or spouse around just got a heck of a lot easier.
Every week participants were motivated to attend a weekly Empower small-group training session. In addition, they were encouraged to complete small mindfulness acts throughout the week by following their daily challenge calendar provided by Ways to Wellness. Examples of the daily challenges include, “smile at a stranger today,” “pack a healthy snack for work today,” and “call a friend or family member.” By encouraging small acts of kindness and mindfulness, we are able to focus on whole-person health. By doing good, we feel good!
“The Challenge has been beneficial all around. I have gained energy, confidence, strength, and new friends. I decided to re-enter the challenge after the final assessment as I did lose 10 pounds and quite a few inches! My results have validated all of my hard work and have encouraged me to keep going. Thank you Ways to Wellness Team!”- Christa, Ways to Wellness Client, Challenge Participant
We only have three weeks to go on our second challenge! We’re seeing great dedication and improvement in our participants. There’s something special about a community that comes together to motivate each other. We would love to invite you to join our upcoming Fall 12-week series – keep an eye on our newsletter for the announcement of the date and link to sign up! Grab a friend and let’s start feeling Empowered.