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Fresh Ground Mini Burgers with Bacon and Cheddar

Fresh Ground Mini Burgers with Bacon and Cheddar
By Chef Jeremy Reinicke
Serves 8
3 lb Beef Chuck, cut into 1 inch cubes
½ Onion, trimmed and quartered
16 ea Mini Buns, sliced
16 ea Mild Cheddar, thin slices
8 oz Bacon, roasted until crisp and cut in half
Salt and Pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 325 and grill to 400 degrees
Set up the grinder attachment for a stand mixer. With the mixer running and a bowl under the discharge, alternate feeding the beef cubes and a slice of onion. When all of the beef and onion have been fed through the machine, season the mixture with salt and pepper and mix thoroughly with your hands. Make a small two ounce patty, cook completely and taste. Adjust seasoning as necessary. 
Once seasoning is correct, continue making 2-3 oz hand shaped patties (16 each) and set aside on a parchment lined sheet tray. When all the meat mixture has been shaped into patties, grill them on both sides until the internal juices run clear. Do not smash down with a spatula or anything else while cooking! Top with bacon and cheddar and continue to cook until cheese is melted. 
When all patties have been cooked properly, place one on each bun and arrange on a platter.