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How to make “Fit Friends”

When I started my fitness journey, I was pretty much on my own. Sure I had friends that agreed to go on walks with me, or I had the occasional buddy at the gym, but for the most part – I was solo. I remember doing workout videos in my living room, and heading out for my runs with headphones in my ears and a handful of mantras in my head to keep me going. As I continued this journey, I became envious of the people I saw running in groups, or the friends entering and exiting a gym together. Why didn’t I have workout buddies? I think I am a pretty neat-o person!
One day I was out on a run alone again, when I saw this HUGE group of runners coming up the street that I was about to turn on. What did I do? I took a big gulp and ran right along-side them. I decided to introduce myself and see just what this group was all about.Turns out they ran every Saturday morning together and they invited me to join in on the fun for the following weeks! From that moment on, I never felt alone again. I signed up for group fitness classes and introduced myself to the people who were near me. I found local group runs and fitness events and chatted with other attendees. It turns out a lot of us experience the fear of not knowing someone, or the fear of feeling alone even in a huge group of people.
When I was in middle school I remember reading an article interviewing a well-known actress in a fashion magazine (because 90’s fashion was awesome). The one bit of advice that the actress gave to her readers was “Never be afraid of embarrassing yourself.” I took that bit of advice and still carry it with me today. Why? Because I wonder how often I would hold myself back from accomplishing things that I WANT in fear of being embarrassed. Had I been too scared to run with that group or to talk to my neighbor in the fitness class, I may not have the community of “fit friends” that I have today! Heck, I may not have continued this fitness journey because of how lonely it was.
Trust me when I say that when you join a group fitness class, a local run club, or enroll in a gym membership, you are surrounded by a group of people ready to welcome you into their community. Just take a big gulp, and don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. 
That is how you make fit friends.
~ Marey Scully, Personal Trainer, Fitness Program Manager