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New Year, New Goals

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With the new year comes new goals, and the wish
for something new or different. Most of us probably feel
the need to “beat” our accomplishments from last year.Instead of focusing on all the things we could do or add to our lives why don’t we look at all of the things we’re already doing well. The old saying goes, “quality over quantity.” It’s easy concept to forget or brush off, but it’s true. I know some people will say, “ Well, if you’re not looking ahead and accomplishing what are you doing?”
Be present, slow down and focus on what’s truly important to you. If you feel there’s too much on your plate, start simplifying. If you want to be more productive, prioritize. All I’m trying to say is when 2019 is over were you truly doing the things you cared about or were you still over committed and distracted by the flashing lights? This year make it a point to focus on quality….quality time, work, exercise,
date nights etc… Because in the end you are the only one keeping score.
Peace and Health,
Justin Julson