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New Year, New You, New Shoes

How old are your shoes? Have you ever been fit to a shoe?
How often do you wear your shoes?


When the ball drops and the NEW YEAR begins most of us start working on a few fitness New Year resolutions aside from other goals. Maybe you want to run a 5K, hike parts of the Superior Hiking Trail, or work out your core more. Whatever it is, we tend to forget about a common piece of equipment that will help us conquer our goals: our SHOES!


Did you know that a standard running shoe (priced over $90) has a lifespan of 500-600 miles OR 6-12 months? Yes, you read that correctly- most shoes with a lower price point are more likely to have a shorter lifespan. Athletic shoe mid-soles are made up of a material called EVA which allows for shock absorption and force rebound- kind of like a soft trampoline. When this EVA is used repetitively the rebound slowly breaks down over time and your shock is no longer absorbed properly upon landing, making every day aches and pains reappear. People always ask me “How do I know if my shoe is too old?” I simply explain that my body feels it before I visually see it in my shoes. This is why it is very important to only wear your running shoes while you are running or working out, and not walking around the house, working, or doing errands.


Another huge tip in getting new footwear is making sure that you are properly sized and fit for your specific gait. This can be done at a local specialty running store. They will watch your bio-mechanics as you walk or run, and display the shoes that match your gait so you can choose your favorites to try on.
Let’s take a trip down “Marey Memory Lane” really quick. 


It was 2009 and I had just registered to run my first official race- Grandmas marathon. I know, go big or go home right? Well I felt really good in my training, but my knees and feet were starting to hurt. I decided to go into a running store to ask if there was any advice they could give me to help it go away, or if this is just what runners felt all the time. 


It turns out that I was wearing a shoe a full size too small, and I was in the completely style for my gait. $100 later I got a shoe that I was able to train in injury free,
I was happy!


Had I not gone into that store to ask for advice, I may not be the happy runner I am today! I still remember the woman’s name who helped me, because she forever changed my life! And just be prepared for the possibility to GO UP a size in the shoe, no your feet aren’t getting bigger, you just need enough space for your toes to be happy while running!


I chose to share about this because I am so passionate about making sure people feel good while they are striving to reach their goals. I want everyone to feel the best in their bodies, and if you aren’t feeling your best, this could be an easy fix! 


Ask yourselves these questions today:
1.)   Have I ever been fit to a shoe? (If not, GO!)
2.)   How old are my shoes? (Over 1 year, GO!)
3.)   How many miles are on my shoes? (Over 500? GO!)
4.)   How often am I wearing my shoes? (Daily, over 6 months- GO!)
5.)   Do I have knee pain walking, running or working out? (If yes, GO!)


Let’s kick off the New Year with a healthy mindset and a happy heart, and by using the right gear we can be on the right track for that. If you have any further questions please reach out to me, Marey Scully, at Ways to Wellness. I am more than happy to help you.


Come see us for a corrective exercise assessment.
Plus, as a Ways to Wellness client you get discounts at select running stores.
~ Marey Scully, Fitness Program Manager