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Not Your Ordinary Kitchen

The Kitchen Table at Ways to Wellness delivers a number of impactful experiences. But just how impactful is the hands-on culinary education we provide? Each quarter, we roll out an entirely new publication made up of fresh classes with brand new recipes and timeless cooking class favorites. As most of you know, these classes fill up quickly! Our two-hour cooking classes have become a Ways to Wellness clientele all-time favorite – Chef Jeremy is pretty much a celebrity at this point! Aside from our renowned two-hour cooking classes, we also offer Private Culinary Events, kids cooking classes, and a unique 8-week Cooking Series called Master My Kitchen.
Master My Kitchen has become one of our influential and ongoing programs that delivers real, measurable results.


The Kitchen Table at Ways to Wellness got started as a way to improve health and well-being by reducing the risk of development of chronic disease. We recently completed an IRB approved study comparing two different groups – one group took part in our Master My Kitchen 8-Week Cooking Series, and the other did not. Those who participated in Master My Kitchen experienced a range of outcomes as a result of completion of the course – decreased body fat and blood pressure to name a few. Not only did the participants of Master My Kitchen report a decrease in consumption of fast food and convenience processed/packaged foods per week, but they also reported an increase in vegetables eaten per week, and meals made with whole, natural foods


The group expressed overwhelming positivity about the connections they made with fellow participants in the Master My Kitchen 8-Week Series, the new skills and knowledge they gained, and the boost in confidence to cook on their own and improve their overall health. Ways to Wellness focuses on increasing whole, nutritional foods into people’s diet, and incorporating nutrition and hands-on culinary education as an intervention to the development of chronic disease.