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Pumpkin SPICE Workout

pumpkin crunch
The seasons have officially changed! Don’t forget to enjoy your time outside before it gets too cold and snowy. Marey, fitness specialist is serving up her Pumpkin SPICE workout to get you moving outdoors and enjoy this fall weather. Who says you can’t use a pumpkin as a weight?
Better make that trip to the pumpkin patch!
SQUATS – grab that pumpkin and hold it tight! Time for 10 squats. Remember to keep your
weight in your heels.

PUSH UPS – start with your right hand on the pumpkin, just beside the stem. Perform your push up and switch hands. Bring your left hand to the left side of the pumpkin stem, continue the push up. Repeat alternating 10 times.

INCLINE PLANK – place your hands on the sides of the pumpkin stem and H O L D
for a 30 second plank.
CRUNCHES – grab your pumpkin and hold it against your chest as your crunch up, 10 times.
EXPLOSIVE LUNGES – hold your pumpkin tight and explode into your lunges, 10 times through.
Perform 10 reps of each movement and repeat it 3-4 times through. Remember to pick out a perfect sized pumpkin at the patch this year, it is your weight for this workout!
Have a SCARY good time.