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Tips for a Healthier Holiday

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Let’s face it, sometimes the holidays can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety. Even though this is a wonderful time of year, it’s easy to feel over-committed and stretched too thin. 
How do you deal and manage the stresses of the holiday season?

Here are some tips to help manage the holiday stress:

  • Get your rest! Make downtime a priority. Getting your required zzz’s is important for your body to recover and heal from the day’s stressors.
  • Eat your vegetables. This time of year we are often surrounded by more baked goodies at work, home, and social gatherings. Continuous intake of processed sugar, cookies, and fruit cake may be lovely in the moment, but can lead to fatigue, gastrointestinal challenges, contribute to poor mood and more. Instead of worrying about what you “shouldn’t” be eating, focus on what to add more of. Try to get 2+ servings of plant foods at every meal.
  • Practice self care – get a massage, meditate, or take time to slow down for a restorative yoga or meditation class.
  • Go for a Walk. When our social lives get busy one of the first things to go is exercise. Let’s face it, it is hard to keep to our workout commitment through the school plays, house parties, and office events (and that’s okay). While it may do our bodies some good to take a break from our fitness schedule, we can still reap the rewards of physical activity by going for a walk. Make it an outside walk for more stress-reducing benefits.
  • Just Say No! With the holiday season comes the pressure to entertain, be entertained, and give of our money and ourselves. For some, this comes naturally, but for others it leaves them feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out. Establishing personal boundaries can be extra helpful for our health during the holidays. Learning to say “no” more often will leave us with more time to focus on what is most important. Begin by drafting up a list of important events or tasks (a grocery list so to speak) and refer to it when other offers arise. It is much easier to stick to a plan if you have one.