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Tips for Eating Healthy at the Cabin

Can you believe we are already at the week of July 4th? It seems like just yesterday we were shoveling out our cars and dreaming of the days when it is warmer than 40 degrees outside. Back to happier thoughts. Here we are in the middle of summer. For many, the Fourth of July week means taking some well-deserved relaxation time heading to a boat, cabin, grill-out, or gathering of any kind. When trying to stick to a healthy food plan, these settings can feel more challenging. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holiday without completely venturing away from healthy food:
Be picky. Do you have a favorite summer dish that your family member always makes? Or an ice cream shop that you only visit after a day on the boat? Enjoy it, but don’t overdo it. Be picky about what you will indulge in and limit it to items that will be worth it.
 Focus on what to increase. Use the plate method when dishing up your plate at a meal. Aim to fill ½ your plate with veggies, ¼ with a plant protein or meat, and the other ¼ with whole grains 
 Plan ahead. Summer gatherings are usually not lacking in processed carbohydrates or sugar. Make a healthy dip and bring carrot sticks, celery, jicama, & more to share. Not sure what to make? Try Chef Jeremy’s Greek Cucumber Sauce. Grilled veggie kebabs are another simple way to add in more nutrients and fiber.
Stay hydrated. Drink it up- water that is! With the heat and humidity it’s easy to find yourself quickly dehydrated. Invest in your own water bottle to take places with you and keep re-filling as the day goes on. Try infusing your water with citrus, berries, melon or mint to keep it refreshing! Prevent dehydration by staying ahead of it!
Change your focus. It’s easy to get caught up in the food during a holiday gathering. Try shifting your focus to the people and environment you’re surrounded by. Stay active outside with friends and/or slow down and stay extra present in the conversations you’re having with others.