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Why should I meet with a Health and Wellness Coach?

Wondering why you should consider meeting with a Health & Wellness Coach? One of our own Coaches, Justin Julson breaks it down for you in this article.
There are many reasons it would be beneficial to meet with a coach. However, it can be challenging to explain what a health and wellness coach actually does. I can already hear people saying, “What can a coach do for me? If I want to be healthier I will buy a book or look it up online.” Well, that’s exactly why a coach is helpful. There’s an overload of information in this world. Yesterday, it was popular to do the Paleo Diet, and now it’s popular to the Ketogenic diet. Should I train like a bodybuilder or should I train like a triathlete? Trends with health, wellness and fitness are constantly changing. What doesn’t change is the importance of having a clear vision, putting things into perspective, developing awareness and tapping into self-power.


Clear Vision
At times it can feel like the days blur together, and we tend to lose sight of the “bigger picture.” A coach can help you create a clear vision with a foundation built upon what brings you purpose, joy and energy.A coach can also help you set specific, manageable goals so you can work at creating more of what you want in your life. It’s important that we have an understanding of what matters most to us. This takes time and a fair amount of self-reflection. But if you’re willing to apply the necessary effort things will get easier, you will be able to work through challenges, and you will begin to see more clearly.


When we aren’t able to properly manage stress in our lives and/or we’re resistant to change, we develop “tunnel vision.” Tunnel vision is essentially a narrow way of viewing our personal lives, locally, and globally. Our focus is only on what’s directly in front of us, and we lose sight of all the good things that are happening around us. In a way, it creates selfishness because we are in a survival mode. When we’re constantly tense, and in a fight-or-flight state we forget to put things into perspective. When we slow down, take a few breaths and reflect we can see more clearly. A coach provides questions and reflections to help you trade in your basic binoculars for the Hubble Space Telescope. There is so much out there if we just take the time to see it.


I will use my own story to break this one down. Over 8-weeks ago I decided to give up alcohol, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever have it again. I didn’t have a drinking problem but like a lot people, I consumed 1 or 2 drinks during the work week and a few over the weekend to “relax” and “have fun.” What I didn’t realize is that it was doing just the opposite for me. Developing my awareness allowed me to see the truth. By working on my mindset and listening to my body I was able to make the connection between alcohol intake and bouts of anxiety, depression, and digestive upset. The moral of the story is that slowing down and doing a little “self-study” can help you become more aware of what you need more or less of. A coach can help you implement tools to enhance awareness.


When we feel stressed and overwhelmed it can feel as though we have no control. If we slow down and re-connect with our intuition, we can regain our self-power. You have the innate ability to get through any challenge in your life. It’s a false belief to think you’re incapable of facing “problems” in your life. We can re-wire this negative bias by practicing mindfulness, listening to our bodies, tapping into our intuition and by being aware of the limiting labels we place upon ourselves. Coaching can assist you with building self-efficacy and self-power, so that you can confidently work through life’s challenges.


Developing a clear vision and choosing to see things in a more positive light takes time and effort, and there are plenty of distractions along the way. It’s easy to fall back into old, self-limiting habits (thoughts and actions), but a coach can help you stay on track. When you begin to build your awareness, expand your perspective and increase your self-power you will notice a shift. A health and wellness coach will meet you wherever you’re at, without judgement and without trying to “fix” you. As coaches, we know you have everything you need within you, but from time to time we all need to be reminded of this.


This is just the tip of the iceberg! Keep an eye out for more articles about coaching and mindfulness. If you’d like to give coaching a try please contact me at
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